CVWV October Meeting: Jewelry & Accessories Exchange

Join us for a Jewelry & Accessories Exchange, at this month’s CVWC Meeting! Please bring jewelry, scarves, hats, and all other accessories you would like to clear from your jewelry box and closet. As you bring items, you then can choose from other accessories that your neighbors have brought. How fun – it will be kinda like shopping for free! LOL! Additionally, in anticipation of our colder weather (Yay!) our very own Marti Jordan will be giving a tutorial called “Many Ways To Wear A Scarf.”. Learn how this simple accessory can make outfits more dynamic and stylish, not just practical.  Please join us for a fun, cooler (weather) evening!!!

-DJ Moberly

And Just as a reminder, our Annual Dues are $45 for the 2019-2020 year. Checks and PayPal payments are accepted. If you have any questions, please contact DJ Moberly. (,, 832-925-0025)

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