CVWV November meeting!

First things first: thank you Janette for offering to be a last-minute host for this meeting!!!

Okay, this month’s activity? It’s Game Night!  Back by popular demand!  We’ll be playing team charades as well as board games (from which you may choose).  You may bring a favorite game of your own.   There’s be something for everyone!   Come and enjoy Country Village camaraderie and our fabulous neighbors at its best!  As always, we’ll have a fabulous door prize!

Please read the Charades info so you’ll be ready to play.

Don’t Forget that we have an UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATER CONTEST going on with a $25 gift card as the prize!




Acting out Categories (CVWC will be working with only these 3 categories.)
• Movie or Film (green): Pretend you are using an old movie camera, holding with one hand and winding with the other
• Song (pink): Pretend to sing a song by cupping your hand to your mouth
• TV Show (blue): Draw a TV with your fingers – simply a rectangle in the air

Basic Gestures:
• Signal the number of words in the phrase: Hold up as many fingers as there are number of words in the phrase
• Signal the word or syllable you are about to act (if there is more than one): Hold up the corresponding number of fingers, e.g., one finger for the first word
• Signal the number of syllables in a word: Hold the corresponding number of fingers against your forearm, e.g., two fingers against your forearm demonstrates two syllables

• Signal the plural of the word: Hook your little fingers together
• Signal a small word: Hold your index finger and your thumb close
• Signal a big word: Hold your index finger and your thumb far apart
• Signal that a word sounds like another word: Hold a hand behind your ear

CVWC Rules:
• Each person will have 1.5 or 1 minute to complete their challenge. (We’ll explain this.)
• Whoever answers the challenge first will go next.
• If a team member has already had a turn, they may not go again until everyone on their team has performed.
• If you pull an idea that you feel sure you can’t do, quickly choose another.


Looking forward to seeing you all!

– DJ Moberly

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